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Panerai Luminor Due Luminor series watch

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The actual moon phase on the hand is beautiful, Panerai Luminor Due Luna Luminor Because of Luna series new celestial satellite phase watch

Created in 2016, the Panerai Luminor Due Luminor collection watch aims to use the Luminor Luminor series as a plan, while continuing its famous appearance features, while manipulating the size to be thinner, permitting the wrist to be slimmer. The watch is more suitable for every day wear, and it can also use the actual outstanding style of Panerai to complement the elegant and nice formal dress. Not long ago, Panerai introduced the first complication celestial body overhead phase display for this number of works, so today we are going to take a look at this beautiful new silent celestial body phase work.


Panerai retains the brand visual features that make many followers of Panerai at first sight. The particular stainless steel cushion-shaped case abounds with three-dimensionality. After the overall perfecting process by Panerai, the little size of 38 mm may also be dazzling when worn on the arm.


There is an well-known crown guard on the side from the watch. The crown officer is the most recognizable element of De la firme watch works from starting to end. Its existence the actual Luminor Due series even while a shrinking and loss The size of the style also keeps a sporty style.


The white sunray pattern dial of the view uses a classic sandwich framework, with hollow hour indicators on the upper dial, along with a gravure on the lower switch, which is filled with beige Super-LumiNova™ luminous coating.


The biggest highlight of the enjoy is the slowly rotating phase of the moon phase display window in the 3 o’clock position of the call. Take a closer look at the information on the moon phase. Panerai also superbly reproduced the particular moon’s sea, craters, hills and other amazing details on the top of moon. The entire 24K precious metal The quality moon shines brilliantly under the star-studded blue evening sky, giving the watch the poetic and romantic really feel.


The celestial satellite phase window and the renowned torpedo needle small secs dial at 6 o’clock make the watch face any symmetrical beauty. Many modifications have also been made to other information on the dial, such as the inclusion of the word Luna under the dial, which means moon within Italian, highlighting the features of the watch. Taking a nearer look at the beige luminous materials coated on the lower coating of the sandwich structure, it really is evenly coated, which makes this timepiece in its normal state, displaying a retro charm.


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Panerai's lustrous effect never disappoints see lovers. The picture above displays the green luminous effect of this timepiece, which can ensure clear reading through no matter where you are in any candle lit environment.


Within the back of the watch, under the ring-shaped brushed bottom cover, comes with a P. 900/MP self-winding movement, which is based on the G. 900, the mainstream motion currently widely used by De la firme. It retains the qualities of thinness and 3-day long dynamic storage, along with excellent performance in precision and durability, and the newly additional moon phase function is really a precise moon phase having an error of only one time in 122 years. It may be easily adjusted.


This PAM01301 is the just new model with a stainless-steel bracelet. The arc-shaped construction design of the links is influenced by Panerai’s patented overhead bridge protection device, typically the central link is refined, and the bridge-shaped links tend to be frosted, forming a different effect, making the whole band more eye-catching and more gorgeous. Rich in layering, when combined with stainless steel case and the the queen's guard, the visual honesty is also stronger.


Summary: This Panerai Luminor Due Luna Luminor Thanks Luna series new celestial body overhead phase watch PAM01301, the look is based on silver and white-colored two-color design tone, so the watch is cool and from the visual effect, and with the last moon phase functionality gives After the elegant type of the watch, it is more sensitive and durable. As the first problem watch of the Luminor Dürr series, the hardware overall performance of the movement can also be carried out. The stainless steel bracelet additionally adds a touch of features towards the watch. I have talked for you about this special bridge protect bracelet from Panerai., will offer me the feeling of a luxurious sports watch to the observe, and this watch is no exclusion.